CyberForces Security Testing

Security Testing

CyberForces Security Testing

You run a company or you’re on a high position, that involves technology knowledge and decision-making, like a CTO or PO. It means that you must think of ways to maintain and secure your app’s or company’s digital infrastructure. Cybercriminal is your nemesis and the road to safety begins with security testing.

What is Security Testing?


In a testing process, qualified specialists will try to breach your defense systems and compromise your data using manual and automatic methods. It’s a safe and reliable way to assess your cybersecurity status, confront it with the value that your company has in the hacker’s eyes and ultimately take security measures in a particular order, starting with the critical ones.

Even if you’ve already performed some tests and built strong defensive systems, it’s recommended to run full audit at least quarterly.

Security testing consist of 3 services:

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