CyberForces Cybersecurity Program

Cybersecurity Program

CyberForces Cybersecurity Program

Being secure no longer means having impenetrable systems, because for this to be true your organization would have to seat in a locked room, completely offline, never letting anyone in or out. Safety in a digital era is deeply connected to preserving data integrity and providing business continuity despite cybercriminals efforts. This state is called cyber resilience and the way to achieve it is to follow a strategic security roadmap based on thorough inner system examination, flaws detection and business risk assessment.

Cybersecurity Program benefits:

  • Preserves business continuity
  • Greatly reduce financial losses
  • Secures the interest of boards, staff and stakeholders
  • Protects your brand’s reputation

Cybersecurity Program is basically a large scale inner security development roadmap. It starts with a whole organization analysis, that gives insight on how to help the company resist adversarial attacks. We aim at supporting the organization’s management and security division in the proper implementation of security policies and tools to prepare for future attacks.

As an external team, we’ll try to find all the blindspots that might occur, as some things are sometimes invisible for people working from the inside, and the attacker would surely find them. We’ll test your resistance with a broad spectrum of tools and techniques, starting from simple gateways, finishing on social engineering. These will contribute to the creation of a guideline that will help you fix all the flaws and will harden your systems.

We work with NIST Security Framework standards and according to the Cloud Security Maturity Model. We perform systems hardening according to benchmarks:

  • CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • DISA STIG - Security Technical Implementation Guide
  • CIS - Center for Internet Security
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Building Cybersecurity Program using our services looks as follows:





We sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.




We deeply interview the organization’s executives to fully comprehend the requirements and growth strategies - the information necessary to build a long-term roadmap.


Security Audit


With the information we’ve gathered during the interview, we conduct the initial security audit to see where the company is now and how to deploy the assets to maximize the profit from security-based actions.


Documentation & Pentesting


We gather the project documentation and suggest performing penetration tests on the systems that are critical from the business perspective.




We guide the client on how to increase the overall security level by suggesting educational resources and tools that should be implemented. Our strategy contains a choice of security systems and protocols to continuously monitor the system, looking for flaws and unrecognized movements. Finally, we conduct workshops aimed to form an effective approach for inner security services to augment the cybersecurity across the whole organization.

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What is a cybersecurity program?


Cybersecurity program is a complex security solution that takes care of all potential cyber issues your company might be facing. It should cover your full line of defense including educating board members and key shareholders. While completed, it ensures your business is compliant with all the legal acts, such as SOC2 and ISO 27001.

What are SOC2 and ISO27001?

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SOC2 is a document that provides criteria that describe five Trust Service Principles, which are Security, Availability, Processing, Integrity and Confidentiality along with their requirements. ISO27001 an international standard of best practices in data information management programs. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to cybersecurity.

How is the program building conducted?

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First, we analyse the organization needs and perform a security audit that allows us to recommend further actions. Then together with board members and shareholders, we prepare a complex security program along with training people responsible for its implementation and maintenance.

What does a cybersecurity program mean to my company?

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It is a warranty of compliance with best practices and the legislative requirements regarding the cybersecurity issues.

What is cyber resilience?

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When we talk about cyber resilience, we mean, that with an operating thorough security strategy, a company is able to keep the business working despite cybercriminals effort, even if it falls a victim to a complex, devastating attack. There are some general steps and guidelines, but every organization is a unique organism and requires a designed approach. First of all, every asset must be classified, and those critical to business must be properly backed-up. Automated security scanners must always search the internal network, looking for anomalies ad suspicious behaviour. Blue team should always be ready to face the attack. Security infrastructure must be regularly tested and all the vulnerabilities must be fixed immediately. The strategy should contain a step-by-step rebuilding process, with an ultimate goal to keep business from collapsing. One must remember, that cyber resilience is not a state. It’s a process, continuously developed and upgraded.

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