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Every software is under a constant threat of being attacked or used as an attack vector, as every code has some flaws. Software developers used to leave security testing as a last phase of the manufacturing process, sometimes even abandoning it or performing it at a very low scope. The trend is turning around as more and more companies pay attention to security-related actions. They start seeing them as a special kind of ROI, that’s all about preventing losses, rather than increasing revenue. Digital security is now one of the main determinants of software quality.

We’ll help you boost IT security for software development


Our team consist of specialists in implementing security solutions to the SDLC process. Secure SDLC (SSDLC) is a method of software development that relies heavily on security team participating in all of the stages. Why is it a valuable approach? Built-In security means cost reduction and huge growth in reputation, as every self-respecting organization wants to deliver safe software. It can convince a consumer. Software houses that incorporate security measures and adapt them from the earliest stages of their SDLC, regardless of the framework they use, are perceived as more trusted and high-tech. Security is a big deal and its importance will only grow, that’s why you should always try to be up-to-date with your business solutions.

Our offer:

  • Support in implementing SSDLC practices
  • Support in creating a testing environment for agile methodologies, CI/CD pipeline included
  • Security-focused code review
  • Performing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment as a part of SDLC

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