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CyberForces Red Teaming

To fully understand how a malicious hacker thinks and operates we provide you with Red Teaming security service. Does your security infrastructure have what it takes? Are your employees prepared to face cybercriminal’s mindtricks? Will your business preserve its continuity after a successfull breach? Is your data intergrity untouched? Asking yourself these questions leaves a room for doubt, but becoming a victim of an attack really clears up the vision.


What is
Red Teaming?


Red Teaming is an adversarial-based attack simulation aimed at employees, hardware and software along with breaching your physical quarters' security. Anything to reach the goal.

CyberForces Red Teaming


How can you
benefit from Red Teaming?




It’s used for companies to be cognizant of how a real-life security measure differs from regulatory compliance. Security must be effective and prepared for real threats, therefore clarity in this topic is vital.



It’s great for determining the level of effort required to breach your security infrastructure and compromise sensitive data. It’s an important step in assessing your adversary accessibility as it’s created to mimic actual malicious hackers methods.



It can provide you with a valuable insight of inapparent security flaws you might have and that couldn't have been found any other way than during an actual intrusion. It’s better to discover them in a secure and safe attack as it gives you time to patch them up.



The summary presented at the end is truly fact-based, as all the actions were actually performed by our cybersecurity advisors. Isn’t it a great way to boost your security and implement functional procedures at currently unoccupied sectors of your infrastructure?

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What is Red Teaming?


Red teaming is an attack simulation aimed at finding and using your weakest link -be it employees, software, or system architecture. The goal is to breach your firewall in any possible way.

How is Red Teaming service conducted?

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Our specialist use a wide range of techniques based on their knowledge and experience. This consist of both social attack methods (like phishing, smishing, impersonating) and black-box approach (malware injections).

Can I perform only single actions from Red Teaming set?

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Of course, if You feel confident about Your level of system security, we can just focus on trying to gain access to Your system through Your employees. Yet, it’s highly recommended to regularly put the defence system to the test, as the 100% safety is never guaranteed.

Will Red Teaming affect my business?

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We schedule our operations based on the interview with your management so that stakeholders would know exactly when the attack will be conducted, and every detail about it. It is our top priority to nut disturb business integrity of our clients!

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