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CyberForces Industries Fintech

There is no doubt - financial services are under constant and great risk of being attacked due to critical and valuable data they store. Attackers hunt financial systems mercilessly, therefore the breach is inevitable. The only questions are when will it happen and if I am prepared.

Why is cybersecurity so important for the financial sector?


Bad actors are after employee, customer and business data as they monetize stolen credit card information as well as capitalize on data theft trading. Financial institutions are now among the industries with the fastest rate of adopting technical novelties. Starting from the banking technologies, through mobile technology usage with banking apps or trading apps, finishing on ATMs, the scope of exposure is growing. There is a serious need of a program, that will assess the risk, prioritize the data, set up defences and ultimately provide business resilience.

Assuring that resilience requires creating and implementing an actionable strategy, that consist of:

  • Thorough data mapping
  • Critical elements recognition
  • Complex security system development
  • A continual network monitoring plan
  • Data encryption and recovery protocols application

TestArmy CyberForces specialists have experience in a financial field. As they’ve worked with Scandinavian fintech company they’ve gathered insight into the industry’s problems. Some of them are experts in cryptocurrency testing and blockchain protocols. They’ve done testing for social security systems and investment and trading portals.

Trust is what we believe


We understand how important trust is, especially in this particular sector. The end-user must know that his business is stable, services reliable and resources they transfer are safe. We guarantee that certainty as our services are centred around a deep understanding of clients business model, business environment and overall industry standards.

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