Mobile security in a business environment

Whether we like it or not, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here to stay. Long-gone are the days of IT managers making company-wide decisions when it comes to preferred mobile platforms. Today almost everyone uses their own mobile device in a work environment – whether the IT department is...

Case Study

The “Pizza” method – a social engineering Case Study

‘Eight pizza delivery boxes with 30% discount and a free gadget for the computer’. Hackers posing as pizza delivery carried on a successful social engineering attack on the Warsaw branch office of a well-known international corporation. In a few minutes, they hacked the IT system – effectively paralyzing the operations...


Secure Guild – online conference with CyberForces

Security testing has become an essential part of any sort of testing, be it mobile applications or websites. As such it’s becoming one of the crucial skills any QA specialist should have! What if You could learn from top experts during the online conference focused only on security testing? Secure...


How will cybersecurity landscape change in 2019?

Cybersecurity is something we tend to look at in the light of massive amounts of news we see daily. Innovative hacking techniques, big security breaches, millions of compromised accounts, ransomware attacks. These are the information we’re fed with and it shouldn’t be surprising that we tend to get confused. We...


Cyber Awareness for Executives and VIPs

Technology evolves, new threats arise but we’re pretty good at developing a technology capable of fighting back the malicious innovations. However, the pace of human evolution doesn’t even stand a chance with the technological changes. With that in mind, we’re all pretty vulnerable in cyberspace, and more valuable is the data you have access to, more likely...

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