CyberForces C-Suite Level Management Cybersecurity Services

C-Suite Level Management Cybersecurity Services

CyberForces C-Suite Level Management Cybersecurity Services

Cybercriminals are very creative. They don’t just attack more often, but they shift towards much less obvious ways of scamming their victims. Imagine the consequences of a successful attack aimed at a large company CEO, that ends with enabling a black hat to enter the organization's initial systems unrecognized. Situations like that may have a disastrous effect. That’s why it’s crucial for a business to have its managers properly educated in cybersecurity matters.

How do we work


We support managers in case of an incident or any suspicious movements in cyberspace. We’re always available on a confidential line and continuously deliver value by becoming a patron in manager’s online presence and constantly taking care of his private IT security by:

  • analyzing the digital environment such as operating systems on his devices
  • securing cloud environment, for example, Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite
  • providing guidance of which communicator to choose (e.g. Signal) and where to keep important passwords (e.g. KeePass)

Case Study

We’re familiar with situations, where on clever malware attack aimed at the right person compromised the company’s assets and brought unpleasant consequences. Social engineering scenarios are successfull because cybercriminals tend to use data they intercept and rely heavily on Open Source Intelligence practices. The data they gather is then verified and processed to create the most realistic scenario, that will force the target to perform an action that the malicious hacker wants. Whether it’s about infecting the device, collecting private data or integrating the computer into a botnet - it’s bad. Let’s look at the example of such an attack.

A large organization’s CEO is forced to work after hours because of a big deal, that must be finished. He’s tired so his mind tends to pass the red flags, that would’ve normally been noticed. He receives an e-mail, saying that there are some compromising pictures of his daughter’s vacation, and they’re on her Facebook profile. There’s a link and an attachment containing the photos. He clicks the link and is forced to log in, despite he was logged before. Feeling fatigued, the addictive factor - social media, playing on emotions - father-daughter relations and the threat of putting his reputation into jeopardy combined, make him skip the “red alert process” as he proceeds to log in.

The Facebook page was, in fact, an exact copy of a real page but created by a cybercriminal to get the password to the CEO’s account. He knows his daughter was on holidays in that time and in that place, but the Facebook page says that the files were deleted, so he downloads the .zip file, to find out what’s all the fuss about. He opens it, tries to open photos, but in fact, the malicious code in the file is being executed and no photos are displayed. Now there are two options:

  • the good case scenario where he talks to his technical staff about a problem with MS Office, that can’t open them. This way they can discover the attack, find the malware, nip it in the bud and work on upgrading security procedures
  • the bad case scenario, where the CEO assumes he was a victim of a prank and does nothing about it. It gives the malicious hacker time he needs to penetrate the system and steal or encrypt valuable data.
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C-Suite Level Management Cybersecurity Service looks as follows:



Meeting & NDA


We set up a meeting with a person that is interested in improving private cybersecurity and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.




We work to understand the manager’s needs, lifestyle, tools he uses, his business demeanour and business environment. We also ask to fill the form about current security protocols.


Recommendations & training


Based on the data we’ve gathered, we create a strategy of how to behave online and what to be aware of. We conduct workshops that prepare the manager to follow our guideline.


Security Level


We analyze how the manager’s security affects his company’s security level to help with their Cybersecurity Program

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What are C-Suite Level Management Cybersecurity Services?


They’re a set of workshops, that educate VIPs in terms of threats coming from unaware internet usage, that you or your company may face as an effect.

What are the stages of VIP security training?

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We set a meeting where the NDA is signed. Then an interview with questions about the current level of security, workplace environment and behaviour is staged. We then provide thorough guidance and conduct workshops.

Why should I as a VIP attend this kind of training?

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Stakeholders and C-suite level managers are the main target of any hacker because they tend to have the widest level of access in the organization. Unfortunately, they also are not conscious enough about the risk of cybersecurity neglection. CyberForces is here to turn this around!

Is it just a one-time service?

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After successful training, we become your cybersecurity patron and constantly take care of your safety. We can also provide You with a wider partnership program - Cybersecurity program, where, for starters, we analyze how the manager’s security affects the company level of security.

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