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CyberForces Industries E-Commerce

The new trading business reality is built around the internet, which is very convenient. For customers, that can access the store from anywhere and buy goods very fast, ensuring they’ll pay the lowes price. For cybercriminals, that can access huge databanks and intercept the online payment process. Robbing stores have never been easier and now it’s also harmful to the client. Neglecting your e-commerce system cybersecurity may lead to serious risks on both financial and reputational level. The first one may be just painful, but the second one can be disastrous, even or companies that have built a strong global brand.

Why is cybersecurity so important for the e-commerce sector?


Every e-commerce is a functional system that operates on data management. All information about customers, companies, their payments and products they’ve bought are transmitted between certain parts of an e-store. Most of them are also stored on servers for documentation purposes. They can be used later to make shopping easier for regular customers or for better ads targeting. The malicious hacker has one goal. To lay his hands on this data. He’ll encrypt it for ransom purposes, download it and sell it on the black market or use for in creating scenarios in advanced social engineering campaigns. E-commerce digital safety is really a big deal, as data is pure value.

To make sure that your e-commerce website is safe, we suggest performing security tests in these particular areas:

  • System and the integrity of its components
  • Database security
  • Shopping process
  • HTTPS configuration
  • CMS security
  • Payment gateways integrity
  • Servers performance
  • Verification and authorization
  • Error reports
  • Cloud security
  • Logical errors
  • Employees cybersecurity awareness

One vector of the attack is particularly dangerous for e-commerce, which is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). Its goal is to generate so much traffic on the website, that the servers malfunctions or even shut down. If that situation occurs e.g. during a Black Friday or right before Christmas, it would cause a significant drop in the shop’s revenue. That’s why it’s important to monitor your servers in high-traffic periods and be able to off-load them if necessary.

Security audit for e-commerce


While performing complex security tests, we use inner systems and platform, that allows multi-level security diagnosis, from places that shouldn’t be accessible for a typical user, to conducting a simulation of an organized cyberattack.

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