Offensive security tests - experience on your own what a hacker’s target feels like and verify your company’s cyber defence line. TestArmy CyberForces assault team will prove its firepower and you will fix all vulnerabilities in you defence systems.

  • A series of hacking attempts that will help you verify the actual strength of your defence system.
  • Experience a massive attack with all weapons available to a real hacker on your own.
  • Open source intelligence - are you sure all information vital to your business are really secret?
  • Learn how to react in a stressful situation of a hacking incident in a firm and swift way.

What you get

Find all vulnerabilities in your defence systems and fix them

See what you business behaves like in a critical situation

Learn how to react to attacks and how to counter them

Mission plan

A massive hacking attack on your company’s systems: social engineering, phishing and all the other weapons available to the cyber-criminals.

Reporting the results in a way you prefer: with tickets sent directly to your system or with a complex PDF report.

Open-source intelligence - are all information vital to your company’s security actually secret?

Being under attack - a training to teach you how to act in case of an attack. What an attack can cause, how to cut the hacker’s access to your systems and minimize the damages.