What to do after being attacked


You don’t want to be a victim, but you can’t always get what you want, as the song says.  So how to respond to a cybersecurity breach?

It is always stressed that investing in security is a must. Let’s not forget, however, that you can only minimize the chances of being successfully attacked and it is never possible to elevate your security level to 100%, cybersecurity is never certain. Let’s hope you never get attacked…

But what if it happens?

In dynamically changing cybersecurity world, you need to be always looking into the future with
a dose of pessimism. You never know when you are going to be attacked, but you must be prepared for what to do when such an incident occurs.
Most companies do not even consider a data recovery situation and do not test their protocols properly. To get ahead of the game, it takes you being more practical than others and while working on the best, expecting the worst.
To minimize the costs of a data breach, you need to have a well prepared strategy, which involves effective communication and data recovery tactics. Most people think about creating and testing the backups but there is much more you can do to contain the devastating results of a breach. We are talking about practical procedures meant to be used as a way of minimizing the reputation losses, financial losses and losses in customers. You must have a plan ready, that considers multiple facets of your organisation.
Increase your employees’ awareness and your company’s security.

It happened. How to react?

Dealing with the breach is stressful itself and you do not want to bother with additional technical activities around threat analysis and general cybersecurity forensic management.
Our team of IT Forensics Experts can help you prepare for, and handle the security incidents if such occurred. The Blue Teaming Unit can analyze the threats, investigate the breach and respond accordingly to minimize the business costs of an incident. Competently executed incident response is critical in ensuring continuous business operations and includes aspects such as maintaining systems stability and retaining positive public relations. A security breach can affect any company, but it’s the incident response phase that determines the consequences of a breach.

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