People are the weakest link of any security system. So train your employees and prepare them for a social engineering attack! Engage in a simulation of such attack an see how you and your company do. Learn about real threats and how to avoid them.

  • Raising the threat awareness of all your employees and making them sensitive about suspicious behaviour.
  • A practical check of your crew’s alertness in a controlled social engineering hacking attack.
  • Detection and indication of your security system’s weak spots and help at solving the problems.
  • Learn the hard way - see what it’s like to be a victim of an attack, so you can react better in the future.

The advantages of social engineering tests

Raising the threat awareness

Making the team suspicious of all strange behaviours

Verification of your team’s alertness level

Social engineering tests - mission plan

Interview with the client - gathering the intel to understand your needs and to propose the most effective testing scenario.

Finding all possible ways of trespassing the company grounds and passing through the security undetected. Preparation of the attack scheme.

Execution of a social engineering attack in the most effective way (electronically or by a physical intrusion into your company’s headquarters).

A discussion about the course of attack and its potential impact on the company, performed as a training session. Learn the rules that need to be respected to identify and stop an attack!