Welcome to the new blog of CyberForces. Cybersecurity is our specialty!


Welcome to the new blog of CyberForces – an elite special unit of TestArmy delegated to cybersecurity  related missions!

What cybersecurity related information will you find here?

You will find different kinds of content here – starting from technical ebooks, guides and reports, available in the “Knowledge” section, up to more general articles about security in the Blog section of the site. Every piece of information published here is prepared by the best experts in the industry, so you can be certain that it’s reliable and factual.

What is the mission of CyberForces?

CyberForces mission is to improve the global state of IT security, so besides our regular work for the clients, we sincerely wish to share our knowledge with wide public, whenever it is possible.

We encourage you to follow the shared Facebook profile of TestArmy and CyberForces, as well as CyberForces LinkedIn profile in order not to miss any great news!

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