Let the experts teach you how to use the Internet in a safe way. Learn all about the dangers and how to avoid them in order not to put both yours and your company’s reputation, stability and finances at risk.

  • Unprecedented improvement of a VIP’s security, as well as, security of his/her family and business.
  • Getting ready for coping with the internet based threats: hackers and their treacherous tricks.
  • Implementation of security increasing tools and education about their proper use.
  • An increase of security without compromising the productivity, thanks to tools tailored to the needs of the particular VIP.

The advantages of cyber​​security

Guarantee security to your family, business and yourself

Find out all about the criminals’ methods and learn how to recognize them

Do not compromise your productivity with excessive caution

Cyber​​security - mission plan

Intelligence and preparation of a detailed profile of the VIP and his/her internet habits (tools and services they use, as well as purposes of using them).

A training session about hackers’ methods of hurting important persons and accessing the company by abusing people around the VIPs.

Getting ready for countering the internet criminals - learning the rules and using security systems.

Implementation of tools to secure everyday work of a VIP without limiting his/her productivity.