How secure is your business


How secure is your business

In cybersecurity, every industry, every company must be treated as a case in itself. Right security solution must be based on a complex examination of an initial situation. We rely on a thorough comphehension of client’s business environment, systems that he uses and security protocols that are already being executed. Rapidly changing surface forces us to prepare a tailor-made roadmap for each organization we work with. There is no omni-solution that can be implemented everywhere.

Let your company meet the highest security standard

Let your company meet the highest security standards


Yet in every industry, there is a collection of good practices such as regulations and compliance requirements. Organizations in each sector face similar threats due to technologies they all embrace (for example each bank that has its own mobile app). Still, every malicious hacker is original, acts differently and works on his own unique and sophisticated strategies that lead him to a successful attack.

TestArmy CyberForces has a thorough understanding of these distinctivenesses and brings effective and complex solutions to its clients, meeting the industry’s prerequisites.

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