React swiftly to security breaches in your company and smartly minimize the losses caused by a hacker’s attack. Conduct an after-attack analysis (DFIR) and find out what went wrong - and them get rid of all the vulnerabilities.

  • A complex digital forensics and incident response service. Find out what piece of your defence system failed.
  • Tracing back the course of an attack and a complex diagnosis of your defence line in order to precisely determine the reasons behind the attack.
  • A swift and capable reaction for the incident, all thanks to the knowledge and experience of the CyberForces veterans.
  • Losses minimization and introduction of new procedures that will help avoid similar incidents in the future.

What you get

Counter a hacker’s attack

Minimize the losses after a security breach

Make sure you are protected against further incidents

Mission plan

Complex after-breach analysis (DFIR services) - understand what part of your defence line failed.

Analysis of the attack and its scenario, examination of your defence line’s vulnerabilities, application’s source code audit and systems configuration verification.

Reaction to the security incident in a thoughtful and effective way, thanks to support of our dependable veterans.

Keeping the losses caused by a hacker at a minimal level and implementation of new procedures to avoid incidents in the future.