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We'll support you in augmenting your security infrastructure. We'll test for vulnerabilites and flaws, help in creating a strategic security roadmap and implement security procedures in you SDLC. Check our services and see what fits you best.

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Cooperating with many companies and following the latest cybersecurity trends and novelties, allowed us to select businesses for which building complex security infrastructure is critical. Meet your industry's best practices with our help.

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What we do?

Penetration testing

Penetration testing

Our team will explore your security system every way possible, in order to discover its exploitable vulnerabilities. You’ll get to know your system as we’ll pinpoint the weaknesses in a safe and secure way. The data we gathered will be presented to you and used to augment your firewall and fix all the possible breaching points.

Secure software<br/>manufacturing

Secure software

Modern Quality Assurance requires focusing on software security as an asset valued in all stages of software SDLC. Our specialists will help you implement security measures through the whole process, from the first planning to the final delivery. Produce software in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way.

Cybersecurity Program

Cybersecurity Program

We’ll prepare your security systems to face modern threats. After a full audit, we’ll provide you with recommendations on how to implement changes to be safe and secure with a long-term security strategy. Our service will prepare you to match all the legislation requirements of SOC2 and ISO27001 acts.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

We’ll try to breach your defence focusing on its weakest link - human. We’ll use a whole set of technological, psychical and physical tricks and deceives to test your employees’ awareness and as an effect, help your organisation update and expand its security protocols.

VIP Security Services

C-Suite Cybersecurity Services

Learn all about the threats that the Internet poses and how to avoid them. We use contextual education to raise your awareness and minimize the possibility of losing reputation and facing financial risks for you and your company while using the Web. All of the actions mentioned, greatly contribute to achieving cyber resilience by your company.


Our approach


Safety is not a state

That’s the primary rule of CyberForces. If you feel like you’re safe, it may be true, but only in that exact moment. Companies that rely on digital solutions are liquid, as the software and hardware they use are constantly changing. Of course, it leads to better performance, improves business metrics and increases the company’s value. And there’s a “but”. Every change, every upgrade builds up new opportunities for malicious hackers, as each new element means new gateway or a flaw that’s inevitable as we’re all just humans.

Safety is a set of actions

Repeatable, iterative actions performed by specialists in line with a thorough security strategy. But there’s a catch. Flexibility. No matter how complex the roadmap is, certain cybercriminal behaviour cannot be foreseen. Therefore security teams must adopt a framework, that allows minor shifts with no harm to long-term goals.

And there’s the business

Security just for the heck of it has no actual point. We believe in security as a path that leads to preserving business continuity. Being able to constantly deliver value to customers, means having the systems operative, regarding the effort that black-hat puts to interrupt them. We take the business perspective to map key assets and critical data, to provide cyber resilience to our clients. Nowadays every company is on the bad actor’s radar, as everyone has something that can be stolen and capitalized. Always assume that your organization is on the line and you’ll always be ready to face the digital threat.

How do we contribute

At first, we communicate with the client to understand his needs and capture the big picture. The more data we get, the better we can comprehend the situation while we work on creating a custom offer that suits the client and fulfils his requirements. Then we put on a malicious hacker’s mask and test the systems. The information the tests provides is used as a starting point for suggestions of the upgrades that have to be made. As a next step, we create a custom report that explains the tests and their results.

Tests are just a beginning

We highlight and prioritize every flaw we’ve found. Each of them is put with a description, a way to recreate it and a suggestion of how to fix it. We’re always open to the client, whether he wants us to conduct on-demand workshops for his employees or just to give a deeper explanation considering the test results. At the end, we'll provide you with a complex security strategy and will support you through the whole process of its implementation. All of our actions will help to develop a security culture across your organization. If you believe in the security as much as we do, be sure to check our services and find what fits you best.

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What is penetration testing?


A penetration testing is when a qualified professional walks into hacker shoes to recreate his way of thinking and methods he uses in order to breach a company’s security infrastructure, which allows him to gain the knowledge needed for further improvement in their defence systems.

How is a pen test conducted?

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Penetration testing is all about trying to utilise cybercriminals’ operations. Therefore its main tools and techniques include phishing, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and custom malware deployment.

What is a secure software manufacturing?

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Secure software manufacturing is mind- and skillset that allows you to take into account all potential threats on every stage of a software production process. It significantly boosts the efficiency while lower the costs that might be incurred because of finding bugs late and having to deal with them right before the deployment.

How is secure software manufacturing performed and implemented?

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Secure software manufacturing starts from training your employees in tools, documentations and other solutions that can increase work effectiveness. Then our security-oriented QA is included into the software production team where he’s included into every step of software SDLC to provide constant support during the implementation of new processes and to later validate all the changes made.

What is a cybersecurity program?

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Cybersecurity program is a complex security solution that takes care of all potential cyber issues your company might be facing. It should cover your full line of defense including educating board members and key shareholders. While completed, it ensures your business is compliant with all the legal acts, such as SOC2 and ISO 27001.

How is the program building conducted?

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First, we analyse the organization needs and perform a security audit that allows us to recommend further actions. Then together with board members and shareholders, we prepare a complex security program along with training people responsible for its implementation and maintenance.

What is social engineering?

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It’s an attack vector used by cybercriminals, a set of manipulation, deceive techniques and methods that attempt to trick users (employees) into revealing vital data or performing actions designated by a hacker, such as clicking a link or downloading an attachment that contents malicious software.

How is a social engineering attack conducted?

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After we’ve gathered intel during an interview with a client, we try to pass through its security, then perform an effective social engineering attack of our choice and discuss its consequences in non-test circumstances during a training session.

What are C-Suite Level Management Cybersecurity Services?

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They’re a set of workshops, that educate VIPs in terms of threats coming from unaware internet usage, that you or your company may face as an effect.

What are the stages of VIP security training?

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We set a meeting where the NDA is signed. Then an interview with questions about the current level of security and workplace environment and behaviour is staged. We then provide thorough guidance and conduct workshops.

What is Red Teaming?

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Red teaming is an attack simulation aimed at finding and using your weakest link -be it employees, software, or system architecture. The goal is to breach your firewall in any possible way.

How is Red Teaming service conducted?

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Our specialist use a wide range of techniques based on their knowledge and experience. This consist of both social attack methods (like phishing, smishing, impersonating) and black-box approach (malware injections).

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

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Vulnerability Assessment is an evaluation of the system’s security flaws and it’s exposition to any critical vulnerabilities. After we review the data, we provide You with a set of guidelines to mitigate the risk of a system breach and data exposure.

Is Vulnerability Assessment enough to keep me safe?

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The only purpose of Assessment is to quickly scan the system for any weaknesses. You won’t get an insight into potential risk, and attack vectors like with pentesting, so You need to take that into account when You consider what’s best for Your business.

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